We’re helping small and medium fleets go electric.
Can we help yours?

Charge Theory manages electric vehicle charging for delivery fleets, taking the risk and learning curve out of deploying electric vehicles.

Lower Transportation Costs with EVs Today

Electric vehicles for your delivery fleet are here and offer significant savings. Migrating your fleet to electric vehicles has a steep learning curve fraught with risks. Charge Theory is your knowledgeable partner that makes rapid fleet electrification achievable, providing reliable vehicle charging at your location at a predictable price.

  • Simple Fuel Pricing

    Predictable electric fuel prices that are fixed and easy to understand.

  • Installed Infrastructure

    A smart charging ecosystem that meets your fleet’s needs today and tomorrow.

  • Managed Charging

    Automated management of vehicle charging and system reliabilty for peace of mind.

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Fleet operators can save up to 70% on fuel and maintenance costs by switching from gasoline to electric vehicles managed by Charge Theory.

We’re working with a select group of fleets in 2020. Contact us to see if you’re a good fit.

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